Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Cindarella Story..~

I'm not actually a cindarella...
I do grown up in a small house..
sharing a room with my sis..
sharing story in the midnight with my sis..

But when I get into a college,I feel lonely...
I have no sister to tell stories to...
I have no mother to bake a cake with..
I have no father to ask my proper English to...
I have no brother to fight to...

Anyhow,here,what I got is friends..
They cheer my life here...
They could make me laugh when I feel down...
They always be by my side for laughter n sadness..
They never let me feel so lonely..

Anyhow,I always miss my family..
They got my entire loves...
Besides,their loves stay eternity towards family members..
I do love my family so much..
They will remain everything to me even there is a lot of my friends outside there..

To my friends,I do loves my friends a lot...
Don't ever,ever,ever misunderstood me...
My friends always have a place deep down inside my heart..

*Practising my writing skills*


  1. Diyana jiwang. xD Letak la Recent Comments! xD

  2. mana ada jiwang Ili oit...
    just expressing my love..;)

    recent comment tue menda plax...??

  3. Nanti-nanti kita sembang pasai tu.