Thursday, 19 September 2013

Let the Pictures Speak!!

Assalamualaikum, bloggers..

It's been a verryyyyy long time since I've uupdated my last post..

Yeah.. I'm quite busy these days.. Dengan my Honey yg kekurangan vitaminnya.. oh hoo..
Now, I hope everything is going to be normal again...


So!! Tak banyak yang Dhiya nak merapu-rapan di sini..

Hayati gambar jelaah post kali ni.. =)


We have went through all difficulties, hardness, happiness and laughs..

They bring joys in Ones' life..

They are like gifts from Allah SWT to fill up the empty spaces in Ones' journey of life..

The most important part is that, they act or probably be like family when Ones' needed..

They not just wiped out our tears but also giving a bright SMILE for ONES..

AANNNDDD for me.. there is no special days to thank all of them for those smile that they gave me..

Thank You for those people yg sentiasa ada di belakang, depan, kiri, kanan, atas or bawah yang senantiasa ada untuk memberi kata2 semangat dorongan dan sokongan untuk kita terus maju jaya..

I have to admit that I'm ssooooooo missing my friends sooooooo much...


#How I wished to see you guys again..

It's funny when I'm missing them but I couldn't even remember how I've met you guys at the very beginning..



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